Benefits of weight loss through health coaching

Benefits of natural weight loss through health coaching

Natural weight loss is the best weight loss.

Natural weight loss is the best weight loss especially when it is combined with the guidance of someone who knows the mechanics of bodywork. A well designed weight loss program is risk free so why not try it.

Natural weight loss is always the best option, and it should be the first. Coaching adds the guidance needed to reach your goals. In case you got the wrong image, a health coach is not someone pinching you when you get off track. A good health coach will only guide you along the right path, offering encouragement and motivation.

There is a lot of free information out there which is misleading and confusing. For example, one source might advise to "Drink a lot of water" because it is good for you. Of course water is good, even essential, but it is a mistake to believe that the body needs a lot. You only need what your body requires, what IT is asking for. When drinking water in excess you can actually damage your kidneys by not allowing them a proper rest. Also, if you overload your systems with water to the point that if your lymphatic system doesn't work properly, you will notice small things like your feet swallowing, lower back pain, and other clear symptoms.

How long have you tried your health program? HEALTH has a rhythm. If you haven't achieved your ideal weight and there is no hormonal or genetic issue unbalancing your natural growing process, then you have to accept that what you are doing is not working for you and you Need a new approach. RESULTS are the main goal when doing a weight loss program. With proper guidance, an experienced health coach can correct a wrong approach in one session. Results can be immediate. If from one session to the next you haven't seen improvement, a course correction can be made quickly for your benefit, avoiding any possible deviations.

From what I've seen and verified over the last 30 years, a proper weight loss program is designed not just to help you lose weight but to do it in the best way possible: by gaining health.

Consider the two main benefits:

1. As you gain health your immunity system is able to help speed up the process.

2. A proper weight loss program will help you reprogram your body functions at a cellular level, working on all health issue at once.

If that was not motivation enough, the benefits of natural weight loss through health coaching will also:

3. Increase your understanding of the right reasons for working on your health.

4. Increase your knowledge of how to regain health and energy at any moment.

5. Show you how to work with any pain or symptom in the moment.

6. Provide practical health tips that will change your lifestyle for a long lasting, balanced weight loss and health gain.

7. Reveal the "why" (your health is as it is) and the "how" (to naturally fix the why) from a natural health and common sense point of view. The "why" is the most important part of the health equation. Solutions (the how) will come from it.

You might say a natural weight loss program takes longer.... well, no ... and yes, that depends on your determination, but because of that it is more effective. Quick and extreme weight loss systems can hurt the harmony of the body, affecting the bacterial life of the body. Quick weight loss is not without side effects. In the long run you see people that do extreme things to avoid diet and exercise and then, in the end, the post treatment suggestions are still the same. Contained in the fine print which most people skip over IS: "for best results this treatment should be accompanied by diet and exercise".

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